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who’s thie one guy i keep getting reblogged in these gifs where he’s being really placative and paternal and overbearing and telling girls what to think

The irony of this particular video is the “smart girl” who goes to this guy for advice.  Sometimes girls are really goddamn stupid and need to be told what’s what because their daddies never did.

For context, this set of gifs and most like them you see come from a video series called “Question Tuesday” where John Green “answers real questions from real nerdfighters.” These questions come from people actively asking for his opinion.

John Green himself is a youth fiction author and one half of a youtube channel called vlogbrothers, which began as two nerdtastic brothers using youtube as a medium for communication when the site was still relatively shiny and new, and has since garnered a huge following of “Nerdfighters” who do not, in fact, fight nerds, but are nerds who fight through charity, common sense, and general awesomeness, to decrease the overall World Suck levels on earth.

John and his brother Hank Green are a pair of extremely intelligent, well-spoken, enthusiastic people who are not afraid to embrace their inherent weirdness and have become role models for thousands of people worldwide, encouraging people to embrace their inner intellectuals and to not be afraid to love who they are and think critically about the world around them. If you’re into geekery and literature and learning about the world, they’re an amazing pair of people to get into watching.

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